Building Brands From the Ground Up


Gevelinger Design is committed to helping companies use strategic graphic design to build a meaningful brand.

Dana Gevelinger

What can graphic design do for your company?

Graphic design is a powerful ambassador for your brand. Not only can it make a great first impression, build trust, and encourage loyalty, it can communicate your message with purpose and intention. Think about a logo design you see and instantly associate with a great experience, or a billboard you can’t help but smile at.

Graphic design reaches your audience on an emotional level.

Hi, I’m Dana, owner of Gevelinger Design. Being a designer is more than just making things look good. Organizations trust me to deliver their message with care. Consumers rely on the visuals I create to help them make informed decisions. I use creative solutions to solve complex problems and construct meaningful experiences.

"Dana is very knowledgeable and friendly. She has done exceptional work for us for years."


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